Where Are DreamCloud Mattresses Made? [2023 Updates]

DreamCloud is a mattress company based in the state of California. The thing that makes DreamCloud stand out is that it features luxury hybrid beds.

You may wonder, “Where are Dreamcloud mattresses made?” as you look for a new one.

Where Are DreamCloud Mattresses Manufactured?

Nectar Sleep manufactures and sells mattresses under the brand name DreamCloud. After being designed in the United States, each and every one of DreamCloud’s mattresses is then manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Because of the limited off-gassing that occurs with DreamCloud mattresses, there is no odor left behind.

Currently, DreamCloud offers three different models:

These are hybrid beds, all three of these models. DreamCloud is an expert in creating opulent hybrid beds. Nectar Sleep Company is the sole manufacturer of all of its upscale products.

DreamCloud hybrid models are created in the US. Later, these products are produced in factories located in the UK.

A company called DreamCloud operates online and ships its goods out of California. The US market is dominated by this brand.

Is DreamCloud Made in the USA?

American designers created the mattresses for DreamCloud. The United States doesn’t house any of their manufacturing facilities.

Despite having a Californian headquarters, DreamCloud doesn’t have any US manufacturing facilities. Instead, they create every hybrid model here in the US.

DreamCloud mattresses are made in the UK after being designed in the US. These hybrid DreamCloud models are produced by the Nectar Sleep business.

The three hybrid DreamCloud models are made by the direct-to-consumer company Nectar Sleep.

Every DreamCloud mattress are expertly made in factories located in the UK from premium materials.

Every year, almost 36 million mattresses are sold in the United States. In this regard, DreamCloud has a number that stands out.

The following mattress and bed brands are produced in the US:

  1. Saatva Classic
  2. Birch Mattress
  3. Helix Dusk Luxe
  4. Layla Mattress
  5. Nolah Signature
  6. Bear Elite Hybrid
  7. Titan Plus
  8. WinkBed

Nevertheless, DreamCloud mattresses aren’t made in the USA.

Are DreamCloud Mattresses Made in the UK?

Where Are DreamCloud Mattresses Made

Indeed, each and every DreamCloud mattress is crafted in the United Kingdom.

Officials from DreamCloud have stated that all of their mattresses are conceptualized in the United States of America and produced in the United Kingdom.

Nectar Sleep is responsible for the production of all DreamCloud products in the United Kingdom. According to the representatives of DreamCloud, the hybrid products have a reduced amount of off-gassing and odor.

The production of DreamCloud mattresses began in China and has continued there ever since. On the other hand, they have relocated their production facilities from China to the United Kingdom. As a result, the production of DreamCloud no longer takes place in China.

The following is a list of bed and mattress brands that are produced in the UK, with the exception of DreamCloud:

  1. Dunlopillo
  2. Euroquilt
  3. Healthbeds
  4. Hypnos
  5. Birlea

In the United Kingdom, there are more than a hundred companies that specialize in the production of beds and mattresses. It was estimated that there was 68,387,000 mattresses in circulation throughout the UK in the year 2017.

The value of the mattress business has increased to $31.21 billion today. The manufacturing of mattresses is a lucrative business in both the United Kingdom and China.

Who Manufactures DreamCloud Mattresses?

Nectar Sleep is responsible for the production of all DreamCloud mattresses.

One of the sleep companies that is expanding at the quickest rate is Nectar Sleep, which operates in the mattress industry. This particular company provides a home trial that lasts for an entire year.

The mattress industry is well aware of the excellence of Nectar Sleep’s products. This company, which is based in the UK, is recognized as one of the most successful distributors in the United States.

You will not find a single mattress company that will provide you with an unheard-of test period of 365 nights to try out their product. When viewed in this light, Nectar Sleep is the most charitable company in the entire world.

Nectar Sleep is the manufacturer of the DreamCloud mattress, which combines the following features:

Cover made of memory foam, conventional foam, and polyfoam springs.
In 2018, sales of Nectar Sleep’s products brought in a total revenue of $250 million. They generated revenue of $400 million in sales over the course of a single year.

All DreamCloud mattresses are produced by Nectar Sleep, which is currently one of the most rapidly expanding mattress brands in the world.

Where Do DreamCloud Mattresses Ship From?

After being designed in the United States, each and every DreamCloud mattress is handcrafted in the United Kingdom. The company has grown to become one of the most successful luxury bed and mattress marketers in the world.

DreamCloud’s supply chain is now more diverse thanks to recent expansion. Even though every DreamCloud mattress is made in the UK, the company has large distribution centers located in Malaysia, Vietnam, China, the United States of America, and Mexico.

Mattresses manufactured by DreamCloud are packed and sent out from these enormous distribution centers, which are located all over the world.

Who Owns DreamCloud?

Resident Home is the owner of DreamCloud.

Resident was founded in 2017 with the goal of producing memory foam mattresses of the highest caliber at competitive prices. They started by launching Nectar.

Later, growing mattress manufacturers like DreamCloud, Level Sleep, and others were acquired by the Resident Company. Resident is now recognized as one of the best producers of beds and bed-related products.

The following products are made by The Resident Company:

  • Mattresses
  • Bed Frames
  • Bedroom Furniture

Resident is raking in millions of dollars because it is the parent company of DreamCloud. All DreamCloud mattresses now feature innovations that they have introduced.

According to a number of financial reports, Resident gets $130 million from its subsidiaries. Eric Hutchinson is now the CEO of Resident.

Is DreamCloud an American Company?

Online mattress retailer DreamCloud is based in California. Although all DreamCloud mattresses are made in the UK, the company’s distribution is handled out of California.

DreamCloud was purchased by the Resident Company in 2017. It has been doing business as a Resident subsidiary ever since.

Additionally, all DreamCloud mattresses are produced by Nectar Sleep. It is also Resident’s subsidiary.

DreamCloud distributes its products internationally from countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, China and others.

DreamCloud, however, is reportedly an American business.


DreamCloud is an industry-leading specialist in the production of high-end hybrid mattresses. It offers three distinct kinds of mattresses to customers in the market.

Within the category of hybrid beds, the DreamCloud brand earns our highest recommendation.

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