Sweetnight Prime Mattress Review: [Aug 2023 Info]

In our Sweetnight Prime mattress review, we found that the SweetNight Prime Mattress stands out as a luxurious yet budget-friendly option for many sleep enthusiasts. This memory foam mattress boasts a distinctive checkered monogram cover that’s not only breathable but also a treat for the eyes. It offers a soft touch, ensuring your sheets stay in place.

sweetnight prime mattress review

The SweetNight Prime Mattress is enhanced with gel-infused, CertiPUR-US-certified high-density memory foam layers. These layers ensure remarkable cooling, support, motion isolation, and pressure relief, all while maintaining top-notch comfort and longevity.

With options in four mattress sizes and two depth variations, this particular model offers a unique blend of comfort and affordability, distinguishing it from other SweetNight mattresses.

In this Sweetnight Prime review, we dive deeper into its build and performance aspects. We shed light on its comfort and firmness, taking into account different body weights and sleep positions. Furthermore, we touch upon the brand’s warranty, return, and shipping guidelines.


SweetNight Prime Mattress Review Summary:

If you’re on the hunt for a mattress that’s both ultra-responsive and offers top-notch cooling, Sweetnight should be on your radar. This unique mattress is set to elevate your nightly rest with its impressive pressure relief, swift adaptability, and more, as we’ve detailed in this review.


  • A dream for those who tend to sleep warm
  • Sturdy edge support
  • Perfect for those who sleep on their back or stomach
  • Reacts quickly, setting it apart from many all-foam mattresses
  • You get a 100-night trial to test it out
  • Comes with a solid 10-year warranty


  • Might be a stretch for those on a tight budget


SweetNight Prime Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review Breakdown

The SweetNight Prime boasts a dual-sided design, offering both a soft and a firm sleeping surface. Whichever way you decide to set it up, you’ll find memory foam layers on the top and bottom, encasing the core layers arranged in a Contouring Curve Design.


And for peace of mind, all foams used in the SweetNight Prime are CertiPUR-US certified, ensuring they’re devoid of harmful substances and pollutants.


Starting from the outside, the SweetNight Prime Mattress features a breathable, high-density fabric that resists pilling and slipping. This temperature-balancing cover ensures you stay at the ideal warmth level, promoting deeper and more consistent sleep.

Cooling Gel-infused Memory Foam Layer

Dive a bit deeper, and you’ll encounter a layer crafted from cooling gel memory foam. This layer is expertly designed to adapt to your body, efficiently wicking away any excess warmth, ensuring a refreshing night’s rest.

Pressure-relieving Foam Layer

Next up is a layer that’s all about comfort. It’s tailored to adapt to your body’s contours, temperature, and movements. Even as you shift around during the night, this layer maintains its form, spreading your weight evenly and maintaining a gentle pressure.

This feature makes the SweetNight Prime an excellent choice for those who prefer sleeping on their back or stomach.

Zoned Open Cell Comfort Foam Layer

Delving further, this innovative layer stands out. Comprising various curved memory foam sections, it’s crafted to offer varying firmness levels across the mattress. The primary goal? To ensure your spine stays in its natural alignment, no matter your go-to sleep position.

Within this layer, you’ll also discover the supportive core present on both mattress sides. This ensures that even if you opt for the softer side, you won’t find yourself sinking too deep into your bed.


Mattress Feel and Firmness


When you’re in the market for a new mattress, the feel and firmness are pivotal factors to keep in mind. They play a huge role in determining if the mattress will be a snug fit for your sleeping style and comfort preferences.

The SweetNight Prime mattresses are a testament to SweetNight’s dedication to catering to the evolving needs of today’s sleepers. While many gel memory foam mattresses out there typically present one or two firmness choices, the SweetNight Prime mattress ups the game.

With the SweetNight Prime, you’re spoiled for choice with four distinct firmness levels: soft, firm, medium-soft, and medium-firm. Thanks to its cutting-edge Contouring Curve Design, achieving your perfect firmness is as simple as flipping or rotating the mattress. This design is crafted with multiple layers of high-density curved memory foam, creating versatile firmness zones tailored for various sleep positions.

Opt for the soft side, and you’ll experience a deeper sink, enveloped by that signature memory foam embrace. If you lean towards the firm side, it’ll feel more like you’re resting atop the mattress rather than sinking into it.



Mattress Performance

The way this bed performs is tailored to your individual needs and preferences. Factors like your body weight, favorite sleeping position, and any persistent pain you might experience play a role. But in general, the gel-infused memory foam layers of the SweetNight Prime Mattress come together to offer a cool and rejuvenating sleep experience night after night.

Pressure Relief

The SweetNight Prime Mattress boasts a high-density gel memory foam system that excels in providing pressure relief. The plush foam layers nestled within the mattress adapt seamlessly to your body’s contours, offering solace to pressure-prone areas like the back, hips, and shoulders. This is especially beneficial for side sleepers and those on the lighter side, as the foam works diligently to alleviate stress and reduce discomfort.

For those who prefer sleeping on their stomach or back and weigh over 130 pounds, the firm side of the SweetNight Prime Mattress is the way to go. This side offers a gentle embrace to your body’s shape, yet it’s designed with a slimmer comfort layer and a more robust surface. This ensures you won’t have to grapple with the discomfort that comes with sagging or inconsistent mattresses.

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SweetNight Prime Performance for Couples

For those sharing their bed with a partner, there are a few more aspects to consider, such as edge support, cooling features, motion isolation, and the mattress’s suitability for intimate moments.


Edge Support

Edge support gauges the mattress’s ability to provide stability when you’re resting near its edges or when you’re transitioning in and out of bed.

While many memory foam mattresses tend to falter in this area due to the absence of reinforced edges, the SweetNight Prime stands out. Its high-density and curved foam layers offer a more robust edge support compared to many other foam-centric mattresses.

For those weighing under 230 pounds, the soft and medium-soft sides should provide ample support. However, heavier individuals might experience some sagging near the edges, especially when getting in or out of bed. For them, the firmer side might be a better fit.


When two people share a bed, the chances of overheating can increase. Hence, a cooling mattress becomes a priority, especially for those who tend to sleep hot.

While some memory foam mattresses from SweetNight might retain a bit of body heat, the Prime model is designed to be more temperature-neutral. Drawing parallels with the SweetNight Twilight Mattress, the Prime variant excels in cooling due to its gel-infused memory foam, ensuring consistent airflow.

Also, its breathable jacquard cover plays a pivotal role in wicking away heat and moisture. The SweetNight Prime also incorporates air-cell technology, ensuring a refreshing sleep experience, especially for those who tend to sleep hot. This technology facilitates optimal air circulation, ensuring you stay cozy in winters and cool during summers.

But it’s worth noting that other factors like your choice of bedding, room temperature, and even your pajamas play a role in determining your sleep temperature.

Motion Isolation

Motion transfer refers to the extent of movement felt from one side of the bed to the other. It’s a vital aspect for couples as it determines if you’ll be disturbed by your partner’s nocturnal movements.

Memory foam mattresses, by nature, are adept at minimizing motion transfer, and the SweetNight Prime is no different. Drawing a comparison with the SweetNight Sunkiss Mattress, the Prime ensures minimal motion disturbance, ensuring both partners sleep soundly.

The mattress’s softer side, with its high-density foam and transition layer, excels in motion isolation. So, the chances of your sleep being disrupted by your partner’s movements are minimal.


While hybrid mattresses like the SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid are often favored for intimate moments due to their bounce, the SweetNight Prime has its advantages. It’s a notably quiet mattress, ensuring discretion during intimate moments.

Unlike some hybrids or innersprings that might be noisy, this mattress remains silent, even with movement. If a softer surface is your preference for such activities, the medium-soft side of the Prime should serve you well.

Ease of Movement

Given that the SweetNight Prime is an all-foam mattress, it might not be the easiest to move around on. The gel memory foam contours closely to your body, and when you shift, the impression lingers for a bit, potentially restricting swift movement.

Mattresses like innersprings, latex, or hybrids tend to be more responsive and bounce back quicker than all-foam variants. They offer a springy feel without closely conforming to the sleeper. If the enveloping sensation of traditional memory foam isn’t to your liking, you might want to consider alternatives like the Twilight Hybrid Mattress.


Sleeper Types and Body Weight

The SweetNight Prime Mattress offers a unique experience for sleepers, depending on their body weight and preferred sleeping position. Let’s dive into how this mattress caters to side, stomach, and back sleepers.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers often face pressure points at their hips and shoulders, especially if they’re resting on a too-firm surface. The good news is that the Sweetnight Prime Mattress, with its adaptive feel, alleviates these pressure points effectively. It’s designed to respond aptly to pressure, ensuring side sleepers maintain a well-aligned spine.

For those weighing up to 230 pounds, the mattress’s soft side is a dream come true. The plush memory foam offers solace to the hips and shoulders, while the denser foam ensures spinal alignment. However, for those tipping the scales over 230 pounds, this side might feel a tad too plush, leading to excessive sinking.

On the flip side (literally), the firmer side of the mattress offers the needed support for side sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds. The comfort layer of memory foam on this side offers a more balanced contouring.

Stomach Sleepers

For those who favor sleeping on their stomach, a firmer surface that supports the abdomen and hips is essential, especially if they have a bit more weight in these areas. The SweetNight Prime Mattress’s firm and medium-firm options cater well to stomach sleepers.

If you’re a stomach sleeper weighing up to 130 pounds, the soft side might be your best bet. It offers cushioning for the upper body while ensuring the lower body remains supported. However, those weighing over 130 pounds might find this side a bit lacking in support, leading to an uncomfortable sinking feeling.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers often find comfort in a mattress that supports a neutral posture. They need a bed that contours to their body, relieving pressure while supporting the lumbar region. With its four firmness variations catering to diverse body types, the SweetNight mattress emerges as a top choice for back sleepers.

For back sleepers under 130 pounds, the soft side is ideal. They won’t feel engulfed by the mattress, and the memory foam will adeptly support their lower back while adapting to their body’s shape. However, those weighing over 130 pounds might find themselves sinking a bit too much into the plush layers, potentially leading to a misaligned spine.

For those over 130 pounds, the firmer side is recommended. It offers the right amount of contouring for lumbar support and pressure relief. Alternatively, the SweetNight Breeze Mattress is another excellent choice. With its three-layer foam design and alignment-focused technology, it ensures a restful night, allowing your joints, muscles, and back to rejuvenate.



SweetNight Company Policies

Let’s delve into the company policies that SweetNight has in place for its customers.


When you order from SweetNight, they offer complimentary shipping via FedEx for those residing in the contiguous United States. For those who prefer UPS, there’s a shipping option available for a $20 fee. Typically, customers can expect their gel foam mattresses to arrive within a span of three to five business days.

Sleep Trial

SweetNight stands confidently behind their products, offering a generous 100-night risk-free sleep trial for all their Prime mattress models. If, within these first 100 nights, you decide the mattress isn’t the right fit for you, SweetNight ensures a hassle-free return process. Not only will you receive a full refund, but you’ll also be spared any return shipping costs.


Investing in the SweetNight Prime Mattress comes with the assurance of a 10-year warranty. Should you encounter any defects in your mattress during this decade-long period, SweetNight commits to either repairing or replacing it. This is, of course, provided that the issue falls within the terms of their warranty conditions, ensuring you get the best value for your purchase.


Wrapping Up

The Sweet Night Prime Mattress stands out as a top-tier dual-sided foam mattress, masterfully combining cooling features, pressure relief, and robust support. It’s an ideal choice for those still on the fence about their preferred mattress firmness. With the flexibility to rotate or flip the mattress, users can easily find the comfort level that’s just right for them.

This mattress incorporates distinct curved foams in its comfort layer, delivering that classic memory foam sensation of body contouring without the feeling of being swallowed by the mattress. Not only does the SweetNight Prime Mattress ensure a cool night’s rest, but it also provides stellar support tailored to various body weights and sleeping styles. Plus, its commendable edge support is a boon for couples sharing the bed.

Considering a mattress upgrade to elevate your sleep experience? The SweetNight Prime Mattress is a choice you won’t regret.


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